PumpkinMan's Crazy Times in Las Vegas!

Upon arriving, PumpkinMan decided to try his luck at the slots...

...but soon found that he had more luck with the SLUTS.

Depressed over the recent lack of AFI concerts, PumpkinMan 
renounces the X and claims the MICKEYS BIG MOUTH!

PumpkinMan - "getting sloppy off the stupid juice!"

"When Izzy is away, the PumpkinMan will play!"

The best way to see Las Vegas - drunk, from a comfy circle in a Casino.

PumpkinMan, lonely and drunk, lets the escalator decide his fate...

...which is the closet hangout of Batty Mc-CrazyWings!

PumpkinMan and Batty share a cigarette and a slotted chair!

We're so money and you don't even know it!

When Batty's around, it's like EVERY DAY is a Mardi Gras!

PumpkinMan Says: "Vegas...the booze...the breasts...I LOVE IT!"

Copyright 2001-2002 DaveyOnAStick Productions.

Brought to you by BoB!

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