See, he's a little pumpkin man...and he's funny!

PumpkinMan kickin' it old school in a cemetery.

This is PumpkinMan.

In case you couldn't tell, he's a pumpkin.

PumpkinMan is cool. He has a Gilman card and goes to shows with us.

He loves AFI, especially Davey. Davey is his hero.

PumpkinMan went with us to the Petaluma and Santa Cruz shows.

Hilarity was bound to ensue.

PumpkinMan - asleep

PumpkinMan really got his twirl-kick on at the Santa Cruz show. 
This is him passed out in our bed after the show.


Look how Davey gently caresses PumpkinMan!

Much to PumpkinMan's delight, he was finally able to meet his hero, Davey, after the show.

(Somewhere, Davey is saying to himself, "Mental note: next time you see those girls with the Pumpkin, RUN. Or find Nick13.")



Check out PumpkinMan's HOT TIMES and WILD NIGHTS in LAS VEGAS!


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These are actually our pictures!

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