The Whole She-Bang

remember - it's all just questionably tasteful fun

This whole thing (thing = DaveyOnAStick) came about in the weeks following the Rancid/AFI show in San Francisco. During one of Bob's many rants on the AFI fog machines and/or Davey's mesh shirts, I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She replied by saying, "Davey-On-A-Stick." I didn't exactly know what that meant, but it was extremely funny to me

A few weeks after this comment was made, Bob and I were idling away time on AOL by laughing at the people who actually list "924 Gilman" in their profiles. A comment was made about stocking up a profile with buzzwords like, "924 Gilman," "Davey," "Pumpkins," and "Hot Topic," to see what sorts of people would end up talking to us based on the profile. I was suddenly caught in a flash of brilliance, or stupidity. And so, DaveyOnAStick was born....

Location: We put the HC in EBHC.
Hobbies: Pumpkins, mesh shirts, shopping at Hot Topic, fog machines.
Computers: I like to hang out at *924 GILMAN ST.* in *BERKELEY*
Occupation: Part-time goth, part-time punk, full time loser!
Personal Quote: "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in a hardcore band..." - Davey Havok. 

Some people seem to be a little uptight about this. These people suck. I do not take things seriously and if you take any of this seriously, it is quite possible that you are incredibly stupid.

A conscience truly is a horrible thing - sometimes, late at night, I feel kinda bad about all this. In reality, Davey is very nice and not that spooky. (Except when he wears his headbands...they frighten me.) Then I remember how fun it is...and all is well.

And really, if you think this is bad, you should hear our Jello Biafra jokes. 

(By the way, the "part-time goth, part-time punk, full time loser!" comment kinda refers to me.)

That's all.....ta-ta!


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