Just when you thought I wasn't really THIS lame...
    Name: Izzy

    Occupation: Professional Lawn Gnome

    Affiliations: Co-founder of DaveyOnAStick Productions, Treasurer of The Secret Finger Society, bass player for RadioActive Uterus, singer for Crappity Crap and the Craptones.

    Likes: Civil War corpses, cameras, Veat and veat-related products, driving, concerts, Luna bars, vinyl, things that are free, Ganesh, old movies, cemeteries, long walks off of short piers, sucking at pool, making bad webpages, watching the Simpsons.

    Dislikes: Parking, especially around Telegraph and in Walnut Creek, people who lie to kick it.

    Fears: Spiders, Christopher Walken.

    Davey Havok and I after the last Petaluma show

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