Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does Davey / AFI know about this?

Davey does, the rest of them might.

2. Are those quotes on the main page real?

Yes, all of them. Heh. No, really, they are.

3. Why are you fagz always looking at pictures of Davey? I bet ur gay.

Um, we're both girls. Though our sexuality is at times questionable, we are not gay.

4. I don't get that thing, what does it mean?

If you don't get it, don't worry -- it's probably an inside joke that only we would understand. Just pretend you get it and laugh.

5. Can I use that picture for my AFI page?

Um...well it's not like we can stop you or anything, but take this into consideration: only three pictures on this page are from another AFI page (,, but they are used with permission and edited to make them different from the original. This site relies mostly on donated pictures and pictures that are not from AFI pages. Unlike most webpages, we credit all of our pictures at the bottom of the page -- the general "used with permission" notice refers to pictures from places such as Hot Topic or Rolling Stone. 

In short, what we are trying to say is...if you are making an AFI site, why do you need something from ours? Make yours original. Nothing is more annoying that going to a bunch of fan sites and seeing the same damn stuff over and over again. Look at some of the really good fanpages. Be creative -- if you're not creative, your website will suck and everyone will hate you.

6. Can I kick you in the groin?

Please don't. You might hurt my girlybits.

7. Do you guys even LIKE AFI?

This Secret Ninja rules!

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