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Name: BoB Bin

Occupation: Full Time Parkin' Lot P-i-m-P

Affiliations: Co- Founder of DaveyOnaStick Productions (Copyright 2001), Founder of The Anti-Movement Olympics ( I hold first place in *Extreme Sitting*), Member of RadioActive Uterus, Lead singer/ Bass for Bombie D. Fresh and the Freshthugs.

Likes: Playing Billiards (Hardcore style-e), making things up and waiting for them to become factual, attending shows, laughing loudly, flippin out (and this has been discribed by viewers as an unneccesarily violent act), butterfly knives, pointing out which way the cops need to go to catch the car they've been following, eating gravy and gravy related products, drinking coffee at Andy's while giving Barb ( the best waitress in the world) shit, and helping Izzy make bad webpages. *Oh and most importantly being someones hero.*

Dislikes: Contra Costa County ( CoCoCounty Killahs?), people mistaking my playful sarcasm for painful seriousness, having size 10 1/2 feet (mens), meat that is cooked beyond medium rare. 

Christopher Walken:  Sexy.

Quote which best describes BoB:

"[BoB] has sarcasm that should be registered as a lethal weapon."

Copyright 2001-2002 

DaveyOnAStick Productions 

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