Through Our Plastic, We Are One
(from Hit Parader, March 2002)

Davey, Lego-stylee!

Move over Todd McFarlane - you're in for some serious competition. Joining the sweeping trend among band merchandise tables everywhere, punk band AFI has started manufacturing a set of action figures in their own likeness. 

While action figures of bands such as Metallica and Limp Bizkit can be found at most music store chains, the AFI figures are going to be a little bit harder to get ahold of.  When released, the two-inch high, Lego-type figures are going to be exclusive to the AFI fan club. Singer Davey Havok stated, "These are special, just for the hardcore fans. I don't want them turning up in malls and places like that."

As for the peculiar design of the toys, drummer Adam Carson explained to us, "When we were first thinking about making the toys, we came to the conclusion that articulation is overrated. Those kinds of figures never stand up. We wanted something that would be durable and live through lots of wear and tear. Something that could be passed onto your grandkids. And since our figures are Lego-sized, they can be used with most of the standard Lego playsets. That adds a whole new dimention to playing with them."

Despite this versitality with exsisting playsets, the members of AFI are still working on creating their own scenarios. They are currently in the process of making a "Moldy Berkeley Mansion" and a "Phoenix Theatre" playset. The Mansion will be designed after their own home while the other will be a scaled down version of one of their favorite Bay Area venues. 

"You can only have so many AFI t-shirts, you know? Personally, I love toys and it really thrills me to have one modeled after myself," says Havok. 

The toys will be out sometime this summer. In the meantime, the members of AFI will continue to work on their sixth studio album.

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