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Rumors have been circling the East Bay in California that famed AFI front man DAVEY HAVOK , has been chosen for the starring role in the upcoming installment of the never-ending Crow franchise, "The Crow 4: Reign of Havok." The movie, to be directed by Rob Zombie, has Mr. Havok in an all to familiar role as a punk-goth rocker. Aside from that, the movie relies on the same plot as the last three - guy dies, comes back to life, has a bird, then blood, death and a little bit of hilarity ensues. 

Thanks to our diligent promotions coordinator, Bob and Izzy were able to interview the greasy, dread-locked director, and his plucky star.

Interview with Rob Zombie

B&I: So's it going?

Rob: Oh, you know my life...sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere.

B&I: Davey seems like such a hard worker - is filming coming along quickly? Do you expect this movie to be next summer's blockbuster?

Rob: Actually, we finished shooting yesterday.

B&I: Really? Wow!

Rob: Yeah, the last two movies were such piles of sh*t, I figured I could do all the filming with a camcorder in my backyB&I: You have brilliant work ethics there, Rob. 

Rob: I do what I can.

B&I: What inspired you to cast DAVEY HAVOK?

Rob: To be honest, I've pretty much sat on my ass since releasing "American Made Music to Strip By" so I didn't have a lot of money to spend on this movie. C'mon, look at the guy! We saved at least twenty-five thousand dollars in costuming and makeup alone!

B&I: We see where you coming from here Rob.

Rob: Thanks.

B&I: Can you tell us more about the movie?

Rob: Basically, DAVEY plays the front man of a punk-goth rock group called "Bloody Socks." My brother, SPIDER from POWERMAN 5000 plays a rival rocker who is secretly a space overlord. He hates the Bloody Socks, and blasts DAVEY with his super-electric hand beams right after the Bloody Socks receive a record deal.

B&I: That sounds really exciting and action packed! 

Rob: Yeah, except the "super-electric hand beams" are really just balls of aluminum foil - the budget thing, you know.

B&I: was nice of you to cast your brother in the movie.

Rob: He asked me to. Something about trying to clear away the stench of his band's appearance on Beverly Hills 90210. Anyway, DAVEY comes back from the dead and with the help of his chicken spirit guide, he maims and slaughters all in his path!

B&I: Wait a minute, did you say, "Chicken spirit guide!?"

Rob: Um, yeah. It's actually a baby chicken. It kills you with cuteness.

B&I: So where exactly does, "The Crow" aspect of the movie come in?

Rob: Other than the title, it doesn't. I just needed a genre and / or franchise bandwagon to hop on. I tried to use "Star Wars" but George Lucas had his hired goons give me a steel toe to the dome. Plus, Davey provided the chicken and looked quite stricken when I said he couldn't use it. How can you ignore those puppy-dog eyes?

B&I: That's very true. Well, thanks for your time Rob.

Rob: No problem....hey, can I interest you in some officially licensed DAVEY HAVOK shoelaces?

B&I: Um...nah, we're good.

Rob: If you change your mind, you can find them at Hot Topic with a retail price of $29.95.

B&I: Thanks.

Interview With Davey Havok

Davey in costume for his upcoming role in The Crow 4: Reign of Havok.

B&I: So's life?

Davey: One big dark room, as usual.

B&I: Peachy...can you tell us how this whole collaboration came about?

Davey: Well, it started with an early evening at the Men's Club. Rob and I were lounging around sipping red wine when...

B&I: Davey, don't lie.

Davey: He saw me at Gilman and asked me to be in the movie. I was moshing to the Nerve Agents, saw Rob and over the din I heard him shout, "Hey you! Spooky-looking motherf*cker! BE IN MY MOVIE!" How could I say no?

B&I: We see. Is it true you used your wily ways and puppy dog eyes to get a friend into the movie?

Davey: Yeah! Good old Pecky. 

[Davey hugs a small, stuffed chick sitting on his lap.]

He's always wanted to be in a movie. I tried to get NICK13 from TIGER ARMY the role of the bad guy but he's allergic to aluminum foil.

B&I: That's too bad. What's the best part about this role?

Davey: I'd say it's that I get to stray from my normal image - I get to be punk-goth. I'm usually referred to as death-rock.

B&I: Did you do anything special to prepare for this role?

Davey: I went to Hot Topic and listened to Sisters of Mercy a lot. BRODY from THE DISTILLERS let me look at her pack of cloves. I think that was the hardest part.

B&I: Well, thanks for your time Davey, we wish you the best of luck with your budding movie career.

Davey: Pecky and I are going to be the next Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Just wait and see!

B&I: Um, okay.

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