Dreamworks Artists to Record Benefit Song for Labelmate
Rolling Stone, March 2004

Upon entering the crowded room one is immediately in awe of the sheer star power contained within. Is this the green room for TRL? No, it's a small recording studio in Los Angeles and all the artists milling about are there for one reason: Davey Havok, lead singer of AFI.

Jacoby Shaddix, frontman of Papa Roach explains the situation: "Yo man, when I heard about Davey having that shit in his throat I just had to do something to help a buddy out, ya know? So I hit up all these fools here that are on Dreamworks with us and said, 'Yo...we gotta do something.'"

And do something they did. The Dreamworks artists, ranging from members of Buckcherry and Powerman 5000 to Nelly Furtado and Jessica Andrews have all come together to write a song to benefit Havok, who was diagnosed with having throat polyps earlier this month. This serious condition, which involves growths on the vocal chords, forced AFI to cancel the rest of its spring tour while Havok recovers.

"We're really excited about this project," says some guy from Lifehouse. "Throat polyps is a very serious condition and it could strike any of us at any time."

Nelly Furtado adds, "We're recording this one track, a sort of modern, hip-hop but hard-edged song along the lines of We Are the World. It's going to be released as a single with half of the proceeds going towards providing all Dreamworks artists with lukewarm Evian water at every performance. An additional dollar per single will be set aside to buy Nightmare Before Christmas toys to keep Davey occupied during his recovery."

From the other side of the tiny recording studio, Shaddix shouts, "The single will have the original track and two remixes by DJ Lethal and what's-his-name from Crazytown!"

"We're looking to have it in stores in time for our summer tours."


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