Bay Area Band Merges With AOL-Time Warner

(AP News Wire) After a hearty handshake between lead singer Davey Havok and AOL creator Steve Case, negotiations were sealed and punk band A. F. I. became the newest part of the up and coming media behemoth, AOL-Time Warner.

This historic merge concluded months of phone tag between Case and the band.

Says Case, "I don't know, there's just something about them...they're really hip to kids these days. I think they could help us bring AOL-Time Warner into the hearts and lives of teenagers everywhere. Our stock has already risen three points. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

Upon being asked what brought about this union, guitarist Jade Puget responded, "I like AOL. I like the 'chat' rooms. They're always filled with such intelligent and thought-provoking conversations."

Davey Havok showed nothing but enthusiam after the conference with AOL-Time Warner bigwigs earlier today. During the following press conference, Havok mentioned, "They gave me permission to redo the voices, you know the 'Welcome' and 'You've Got Mail.' I've been thinking of how I could personalize them, give them a hardcore edge. Something along the lines of, 'Whoa-OH You've Got MAIL!' I'm going into the studio with Moby later this month to cut the final tracks."

In a completely unrelated story, Hunter, bass player for A. F. I.,  has recently has his side project, Hunter Revenge, signed to Warner Records. His first album is due out in early 2002.

If you do not currently have AOL and are interested in signing up, free cd-roms and diskettes are available at all A. F. I. and Hunter Revenge shows.

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