Palookaville, Santa Cruz
March 10th, 2001
After a grand total of four hours of sleep back at my pad, we once again packed up and skee-skirted off to our destination, Santa Cruz.

Once again, 680 was against me. Stupid highway. The whole driving experience in Santa Cruz (which was my first) had me pulling out my hair -- stupid pedestrians always walking in front of my vehicle!

Anyways, we arrived in the S of C at 4, ditched all of our stuff in the hotel and went to the Boardwalk, which had just shut down because of a power outage. Stupid Californian rolling blackouts. We then proceeded to nosh on Taco Bell and party down in our temporary pad.

At seven, we cruised down to Palookaville. I just love the name -- Palookaville! Anyways, after a slight incident with Hunter, we went in. Octavia and I spent the majority of the Explosion's set in the merch line. 

Tiger Army: Geoff playing the standup bass behind his head - DIZNAM! Little difference from the night before, except they played Outlaw Heart instead of F.T.W.

When it comes to Tiger Army shows, we just can't win. We were able to hear Nick for the entire show, but at the end of the set, some guy jumped onstage and broke the bass.

:::shakes fist at person who broke the bass:::

Zaphone pointed something out to me -- the music that they played during the set change from Tiger Army to AFI, was the same music they played before AFI at the Filmore show: the Addams Family song, Grinch song...etc. Quite peculiar.

After the show, we hung around for a while. Then, we bought more Taco Bell food and eagerly consumed it once we got back to the hotel. After eating, Bob and I locked ourselves in the bedroom, forcing Zaphone and Octavia to share the couch. Heh.

To quote the feel-good song of the year, "It was a beautiful day."


"I'm Hunter...also known as CRAZY!"


Davey, always screaming about something.

My boss walked in while I was scanning this and said, "That's who you went to see? He's scary!"


AFI   Red Lights = Whole Lotta Photo Shop Time

"I sweat, therefore I am Jade."


Dramatic, isn't it?





Davey sings as hilarity ensues.

Yeah,'s Davey...but look at the hilarity that is ensuing to his left! A crowdsurfer is scrubbing!


It took Hunter years of practice to learn how to scowl and play at the same time.


Fog = Crappity Crap Pictures

Stupid fog.


Nick is ANGRY!

Watch out Davey -- Nick 13 is about to beat you, mad rockabilly style!



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These are actually our pictures!

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