Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma
March 9th, 2001
After leaping such hurdles as sneaking out of work, packing the car, traffic on 680 and general glavin antics, our motley crew skee-skirted into Petaluma. I credit our survival to my patented, "It's Like We're At Gilman, But We're Not" mix tape -- nothing melts away driving frustration like bumping "24 Hour Party Zone."

Upon entering the Phoenix Theatre, about halfway through Fraca's set (ow), Bob and I quickly begun Plan A: distribution of popsicle stick propaganda. Five minutes later, we were pretty worn out so we all took a quick nap during most of the Explosion's set.

During the break before Tiger Army, we made our way down to the floor. It had been many months since the last time I got to see Tiger Army, so I was excited. Then...

"Hi, I'm Nick 13. My mic isn't working, and though it's clear that Geoff's mic is working, I'll use mine for three songs. When my mic is finally fixed, then I'll ask if everyone can hear me!"

Yeah, thanks Nick. He made up it by playing F.T.W.

Then AFI came on. 

Zaphone asked me, "Hey, what's up with this oompah-loompah music?"

Then hilarity ensued....but that is a tale better told by Bob.

Due to the fact that Bob and I were actually watching the show, other people were busy twirl-kicking in the pit and Zaphone's line of thinking went kinda like this: "I'm in the pit, not wearing my glasses and using a shoddy Kodak disposable camera...let the good pictures roll!", there aren't many pictures from the Petaluma show. Oh well.

It's like the crowd is saying, Come hither Davey...come hither.

Davey, always the crowd pleaser!


The same, but not.

For some reason, 90% of the pics that Zaphone took that DID come out well were almost identical to the pics that Bob took. Go figure.


AFI = whole lotta fog.

"Hi, I'm Davey Havok. My likes include walking on the crowd and excessive amounts of fog which will jack up any pictures that you try to take of me!"

More pics!

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These are actually our pictures!

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