Davey Havok...the man...the myth....the pumpkins. My god, the pumpkins...

Davey....a la Hot Topic.

The infamous "Hot Topic" picture featuring the Pink Gay Sweater. 

God bless Hot Topic!

Poor, poor Davey...
Davey receiving a noogie from Papa Roach.

I suppose it could be worse...it could be a hickey.

The Making of Davey Havok! (Star sweeeeeep!)

Part one in a series by Bob.

This image shows Davey blossoming from a pumpkin into what we see today!

Davey....as a mushroom!

Have you ever wondered what Davey Havok would look like as a MUSHROOM?

Sure, we all have!

Thanks to Bob, now we know!

Davey.....or Mike D?

Rancid swore it was the last time they would do a joint tour with the Beastie Boys.

Word to tha homies
A little known fact - Davey was originally the "D" in Run D.M.C.

By the way, this picture is über little because you should visit the site it came from, which also features a hilarious interview and the exclusive, "Davey Sno*cone" shot!

Bob and I aren't the only ones who spend too much time in PhotoShop

A touching scene by Arvin...
Why does he rock so hard?

Whoa there Tiger!

Davey didn't think his heart tattoo was so cool after he saw this picture of Tom Hanks in an old issue of the National Enquirer.

How cute!

See, what makes this funny is the fact that someone tried to oh-so-slyly edit his last name to "Havok."

(By the way, whoever posted this in the guestbook...
I love you!)

Oh god! The horror!

Amazingly enough, I did not make this graphic. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I got it.
If you made this, please leave me a note so I can give you credit.
It makes me giggle.


Ow! My eyes!

"Davey Havok, High on Drugs and Hatecrimes Accidentally Shops At The Gap"


"Is That a Shirt or Davey's New Tattoo?"


Horrific, isn't it?

A terrifying glimpse into the future?

The mesh! And the glavins!

Davey after the "Days of the Phoenix" video shoot:

"Please...for the love of god...no more crotch shots!"


Is this animal cruelty?

Now really, what CAN'T be said about this picture?

  • "I think I can feel it dreaming of me!"

  • "Somewhere, John Waters is creaming his panties over this..."

    And the list goes on!

Canadians will do anything to make Celine Dion look better!

"So, Davey...what happened after you and the Queen Mum had tea and crumpets?"

Yes that IS a napkin!

For those of you who have been living in a mayonnaise jar for the last couple of years, we present a brief history of Davey's ever-changing hairstyle!

Can ya dig it?

Davey models the latest in Shovel Fashion for Hot Topic's fall catalog.

Wow, that's scary!

"MOM! Hunter hit me!"

Really, why isn't it shaped like a bat?

Here, Davey is shown modeling the new line of 
sun protection for the deathly pale. 
(Joy Division shirt not included.)

Even the devil horns can't save this one
Awww, how come Bleeding Through gets all the hot chicks?

Uh, wait a minute...

Whooooooaaaaaaa Torro!

Yet another frightening look at what might have happened if Davey had never joined AFI.

Do you believe in life after love?

Davey on a bad day....

or Cher on a good day?

Okay, this isn't a *bad* picture, I just wanted to make fun of Jello.

From a special upcoming issue entitled, 
"Punks Pose for Playgirl."

(Don't get too excitied, Jello Biafra is the centerfold.)

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