Enough About Davey....What About the Rest of Them?

Old-skool JadeOld-skool Jade

For the longest time, Jade bore a vague resemblance to Johnny Bravo.
I think it was the hair.

New-skool JadeCesare

With his new look, Jade now reminds me of Cesare, the sleepwalker from the movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari."

Is it just me or does he have a ladybug tattooed on his arm?




We are afraid of Hunter. Very, very afraid. 

The picture above was taken right after he told us, "If you say anything about me, I will reward you with a swift kick to the balls." 

We're girls - we don't have balls. What was Hunter thinking?*

The Many Faces of Hunter

By the way, Hunter Revenge is cool.

*Dramatization - this event never occurred.


My fear of Hunter grew exponentially after viewing this picture.

Hunter....or CAROL CHANNING?


Mommy, why??

This image is so frightening and WRONG in so many different ways!


Adam...the drummer, you know?

We just can't make fun of Adam.
He's too innocent.

Eww...some people will eat anything!
While on tour with the Offspring, the members of AFI found themselves growing fond of a certain Spanish delicacy, which the natives refered to as, "Mushy Red Stuff."

They are still trying to wean Hunter off of the crab soda.


W-h-a-t?..........Aww, isn't he cute when he's throwing up signs?

Prior to joining AFI, Jade and Adam 
were in rival gangs.

Jade was condemned to always have a bad haircut after Adam pistol-whipped him in a fight.


Kinda fluffy, eh?

The Golden Girls: A Gothic Reunion
(Of course, by this time, "Sophia" aka Hunter is dead.)


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